Ramadan 2019: Gifting Design

Ramadan 2019: Gifting Design

The designer was brainstorming with notebook and pen in hand. Ramadan was around the corner and she was determined to come up with something creative that sets Ramadan gifting apart.

She turned to her colleague and asked: “what symbols and design elements come to mind when you think of Ramadan?”

He paused briefly, obviously lost in thought, and then replied: “Lanterns. Crescent moons. Minarets.”

“Yes definitely. Anything else?”

He looked up from his laptop and straighten his trendy eyeglasses while thinking. “Geometric patterns. Calligraphy.”

“Hmm, yes.” She paused to take a sip of her hot chocolate while flicking through a magazine. She remembered all the wonderful architecture, interior design, and Islamic art she has seen over the years. And then inspiration hit!

She could see it all in her mind in such vivid detail. The perfect equilibrium. Blissful balance. Marvellous symmetry. The harmony of this blessed time of year. The stunning designs complementing the generous selection of diverse Ramadan chocolate gifts. Natural earth tones of grey and deep brown uniting with subtle neutrals. Popping shades of dusty blue, warm terracotta, and luxurious silver.

Geometric shapes and patterns fusing with ancient elemental Arabesque roots and contemporary trend-setting style. Colours capturing the spirit of celebration. The geometric design springing from the latest wallpaper, tiles, and interior spaces. And typography revisiting Oriental calligraphy with an ultra-modern Occidental edge.

The eye-catching original design hosts the giving essence of Ramadan gifting in lebanon, especially since Patchi’s signature innovation extends to delectable new chocolate flavours with wrapped premium chocolates, finely decorated chocolates, and this season’s exclusive Tahani Ramadan Collection with its fantastic assortment of chocolate coated dates, coffee beans, figs, nuts, and other delights. At Patchi boutiques or online at epatchi.com with delivery anywhere in Lebanon, you can discover a wonderfully chic world of Ramadan gift ideas, Eid gift ideas, Ramadan gifts, Eid gifts, Eid chocolate, Eid gift baskets, and Eid gift boxes delivered across Lebanon. Take Ramadan gifting to the next level with a vast selection full of distinct identity. Make a unique statement and share the beauty of this blessed season with friends, family, and colleagues.