Around the Christmas tree!

Around the Christmas tree!

The Patchino gang were rockin' around the Christmas tree. Would the children like their gifts? What will their reactions be?

The Patchino gang were rockin' around the Christmas tree. Mistletoe hung wherever. The halls were decked with boughs of holly. Carols, new and old, played in the background. It was very cheerful. And the children were so excited as it was nearly time to open their gifts! Music Dawg, Flash Leo, Arty Bun, Explorer Gif, Fab Kat, and Brainy Horsey, were holding their breath with anticipation. Would the children like their gifts? What will their reactions be? The Patchino gang had lovingly selected gift boxes and gift bags full of chocolate bars, lollichocs, roundies, bonbons, chocobons, and delights with no added sugar. They added amusing gadgets to every gift, carefully matching the items with the different personalities of the children.

After a short pause that seemed to last forever, it was finally time to open the gifts. Arty Bun was taking beautiful photos of this special moment so he could freeze it forever. Earlier, he changed the colours of tree ornaments with the tip of his brush so there was a rainbow of lovely shades and hues. The gift he had picked out for B was creative and artistic, just like him! B slowly unwrapped the gift and a priceless massive smile spread across his face. Arty Bun was so relieved!

Fab Kat looked as beautiful, sociable, and stylish as ever. The trendiest fashionista, she had helped everyone look extra stylish for today’s party thanks to her great fashion advice. With a flip of her cape, she changed her outfit in celebration since K was just about to open her gift. A fellow fashion lover, K elegantly started unwrapping. A second later a cute laugh filled the air. Fab Kat felt even more fabulous since K was happy!

The king of sports Flash Leo was trying not to roar with enthusiasm since it was now L’s turn to open her gift. Always number one and a winner, he really wanted to impress L. Especially since L loved sports like Leo, who could run faster than the speed of light and jump higher than the sun. The second L opened the box, she started to jump up and down with happiness. Flash Leo’s gift was a winner!

Brainy Horsey was always full of great ideas and so this techie, puzzle lover, and mastermind who had a small science lab, was confident his gift was going to be a hit. He knew how to find a solution for absolutely everything and so picking the perfect gift for H was elementary, especially since H dreamed of working at a medical research lab or as a software developer when she was all grown up. H examined the box before opening it. The instant she saw what was inside, she gave Brainy Horsey a big hug.   

Music Dawg, had organized this fun party. A music guru who can’t resist dancing the minute he feels the rhythm, he was not only excited about the gifts but about what was to come! He planned to play all the instruments in the world and to sing until dawn. But now, his heart was beating fast. To chill, he transformed the thumping sound into a music tune! Everyone was surprised and busted out a few moves. While this was happening, D opened his gift. So ecstatic, he suddenly started freestyle rapping to thank Music Dawg.   

Used to the unexpected and adventure, Explorer Gif looked calm yet highly curious. A nature lover with the power to discover something new every day, she had gone on a long hike the day before to brainstorm gift ideas. G paused half way through unwrapping his gift and started guessing what it could be. After three guess, he quickly opened the gift. His eye widened and his mouth dropped with joyous surprise. Explorer Gif was pleased with this ending to this gift adventure.

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