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Les Essentiels, Assorted Chocolate Gift Box, 795 Grs

Les Essentiels, Assorted Chocolate Gift Box, 795 Grs, delivery in KSA

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26.6 x 26.6 x 5 cm
795 g

What's Inside

  • 795g Signature Gift Box Filled With 70 Premium Chocolates. A Selection Of Smooth Milk Chocolate Pieces And Intense Dark Chocolate Pieces Filled With Exquisite Fillings Like Nuts, Dried Fruits, Gianduja And More. Box Available in Three Sizes. Shop It Now And Send It To Your Loved Ones.
  • craquante , milk chocolate with hazelnuts croquant (10 pcs)
  • plaisir , dark chocolate with orange pieces (4 pcs)
  • passion , dark chocolate with strawberry pieces (4 pcs)
  • légère , milk chocolate with crisped rice and hazelnuts ( 6 pcs)
  • coffret , milk chocolate with gianduja cream ( 6 pcs)
  • finesse , plain milk chocolate (4 pcs)
  • perfetto , milk chocolate with raisins orange peel and hazelnut pieces (8 pcs)
  • carmen , milk chocolate with biscuit and caramel (4 pcs)
  • biscuitine lait , milk chocolate with chocolate wafer (6 pcs)
  • gaité , milk chocolate with two almonds (6 pcs)
  • pause café , milk chocolate with coffee gianduja (12 pcs )

  • Milk chocolate (cocoa butter; full cream milk powder; sugar; cocoa mass; skimmed milk powder; emulsifier (soy lecithin: E322); flavouring (vanillin)); dark chocolate (cocoa mass; sugar; cocoa butter; emulsifier (soy lecithin: E322); flavouring (vanillin)); brown gianduja (hazelnuts; sugar; cocoa butter; full cream milk powder; almonds; emulsifier (soy lecithin: E322); flavouring (vanillin)); coffee gianduja (hazelnuts; sugar; cocoa butter; full cream milk powder; almonds; emulsifier (soy lecithin: E322); flavouring (vanillin); coffee 31%; sunflower seeds oil); caramel (milk cow's cream; sugar; glucose syrup; butter; water); butter biscuits (wheat flour 73.4%; sugar; butter 13.6%; skimmed milk 1.3%; salt; raising agents (ammonium carbonates: E503; sodium bicarbonate: E500); acidity corrector (citric acid)); chocolate wafer (wheat flour; coconut oil; glucose syrup; sugar; fat reduced cocoa; dextrose; whey powder (milk); chocolate 5% in the cream filling (sugar; cocoa mass); soy flour; skimmed milk powder; barley malt extract; raising agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate; disodium diphosphate); hazelnuts; emulsifier (soy lecithin: E322); salt; Bourbon vanilla pods; spices); crisped rice (rice flour; maize flour; wheat flour; wheat starch; sugar; salt; emulsifier: distilled monoglyceride of vegetable origin; raising agent: sodium bicarbonate); orange flavour; orange peel in sugar syrup (orange peel; sugar; glucose; acidity regulator: citric acid (E330)); strawberry flavour; dried strawberry (strawberry; sugar; acidity regulator (citric acid: E330); preservative: sulphur dioxide; strawberry flavor; allura red AC (E129*)); raisins; hazelnut croquant (hazelnuts; sugar); hazelnuts; almonds. Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids 42% minimum. Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 70% minimum. Allergy information: This product contains Milk; Almonds; Hazelnuts; Sulphur Dioxide; Soy Lecithin: E322 and Gluten from barley and wheat. *It contains E129 that may have a negative impact on children's activity and concentration. It may contain traces of other nuts (Walnuts; Pistachios); Sulfites; Eggs; Peanuts and Sesame.

  • Serving: 23 -- Calories/serving: 135 -- Calories/NetWeight: 1