Innovation. Trend setting modernity seamlessly balanced with heritage. True passion for premium chocolate. Savoir-faire. Remarkable experiences. The sharing of exquisite moments. A celebration of quality and handmade craftsmanship. Patchi is all this and much more.


Our raison d'être: to be the world’s finest chocolate host.


Our drive: to bring the chocolate gift to life.



The story began when 11-year-old Nizar Choucair fell in love with chocolate but it all really took off years later with a single piece of chocolate in 1974. Back then our founder, Nizar Choucair, created the chocolate gifting concept, elevating chocolate to new dimensions. Through his original vision, he realised that chocolate has the power to create and host experiences and to bring distinct feelings, emotions, memories, and instances into people’s lives. His vision became a notable brand journey as Patchi evolved significantly, reaching new cultures, markets, and celebrations. And this is Patchi’s exclusive heritage. A cosmos that now spans unique chocolates, delectables, treats, gift boxes, gift arrangements, and more.


Everything is meticulously made at Patchi’s Atelier. This savoir-faire and know-how culminates in unique creations. Offerings that can only be Patchi. Different elements spring to life in sumptuous fabrics. A medley of lace, velvet, silk, and refined stitching. A rich palette of colours and attention to detail bloom in handmade flowers. Adornments to crown decorated chocolates combine boundless imagination with artisanal excellence. Boxes, packaging, and bags carry with them the essence of stunning design in every cut, fold, and embellishment. Dazzling silverware (ISO-9001-2008) is welded and polished into distinct statements. It’s an inspired celebration of craftsmanship and perfect precision with talented artisans creating in a safe work environment with minimal environmental impact and real focus on quality. All in-house. Self-sufficient. A full supply chain. This is the beating pulse of Patchi’s savoir-faire.   


1974    The Patchi story begins: the first boutique on Hamra Street in Beirut, Lebanon opens

1977    The first Patchi boutique lands in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

1978    The decorated chocolate concept launches, becoming a Patchi highlight

1985    Patchi’s famous unwrapped chocolate line with nuts, dried fruits, and coffee beans is unveiled

1994    Gianduja is introduced, becoming one of Patchi’s bestsellers

1999    Patchi steps into the European market with boutiques in London and Paris

2003    Patchi opens the iconic flagship boutique in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon

2008    Patchi breaks records by launching the most prestigious chocolate box in the world for £5000 at Harrods London

2010    The exclusive praline recipe is perfected, becoming a recognized Patchi signature flavour

2016    The chocolate factory in Lebanon grows so Patchi can make 4 tons per day to meet rising global demand

2018    A trendsetting new retail module is launched hosting both retail and F&B in one

2018    Patchi reveals the unwrapped chocolate line and soon following its sweet success, launches the much loved unwrapped ganache and praliné à l’ancienne chocolates